CSL seminars - Summer 2013

Location and time: BA5256, Wednesday 12:30-2pm





Jun 26

Reza Mokhtari

Single Kernel Pipeline: Improving CPU-GPU Data Communication Efficiency for Large-scale Data Processing Applications

Jul 3

Akshay Kumar

Behavioural Watchpoints and their applications for debugging kernel modules

Jul 10

Peter Goodman

The design of the Granary dynamic binary translation framework

Jul 17

Utkarsh Roy

Scaling Memcached Dynamically

Jul 24

Lili Sun

A Cost-effective replica management for MapReduce cluster

Jul 31

Silviu Jingoi

SmartSensors: Energy-efficient sensing on mobile devices

Aug 7

George Amvrosiadis

Know thyself: Leveraging filesystem knowledge and synergies to efficiently check for errors in files

Aug 21

Ben Kim


Aug 28

Zheng Wei

Information Flow Control in the Dalvik Virtual Machine