Uoft CloudPath: A Multi-Tier Edge Computing Framework
Uoft Compiler and Interpreter Optimization
Uoft Comprehensive Kernel Instrumentation with Dynamic Binary Instrumentation
Logo Hardware Accelerated System Software
Jackpine Jackpine: A Spatial Database Benchmark
Uoft Let the Market Drive Deployment: A Strategy for Transitioning to BGP Security
Uoft Near Field Monitoring (NFM): A Modern Approach to Systems Monitoring in the Cloud
Uoft NetShare
Pagetailor PageTailor: Reusable End-User Customization
Uoft Precise Traffic Generator
Uoft Repeat After Me “I am a Human’’: A Speech Based Method to Detect Spammers in VOIP
Photo sharing Rethinking Access Control With Social Networks
Aibo Sidewinder: Heterogeneous Architecture for Continuous Mobile Sensing
Buffer sizing Sizing Buffers in Internet Routers
Snowbird3 Snowbird: Bimodal Applications Made Easy
Snowflock SnowFlock: Swift VM Cloning for Cloud Computing
Timbremap Timbremap: Touch-Enabled Maps for the Visually-Impaired
Verifying File System Consistency at Runtime
Vmgl VMGL: OpenGL Hardware 3D Acceleration for Virtual Machines
Ic launcher web WearCOPD: Remote COPD Patient Monitoring
Uoft Wireless Multihop Networks

Old Projects

Calibre Accurate Cell Phone Localization
Chameleon Interactive Web Content Adaptation
Amigo Proximity-Based Secure Communication